Country Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a well-known, well-loved breed – an all time favourite. Many people would love to have a Golden Retriever, but the size of a Golden doesn’t fit into their home or lifestyle.

The Comfort Retriever was designed with this in mind- all the love, loyalty, and fun of the Golden Retriever- just done up in a smaller package.

The comical, playful, people loving Cocker Spaniel bred to a Golden Retriever creates the perfect combination of the two beautiful breeds. Both breeds thrive on human interaction, having a routine and being involved in family activities. They respond to their family with deep love, devotion, and loyalty.

Both breeds are smart, playful, and affectionate. Both are eager to please, and get along well with children and other pets. Both are loyal dogs who bond quickly and make ideal companion or therapy dogs.

Together, the Golden Retriever and the Cocker Spaniel make the beautiful, lovable Country Retriever.


Our Country Retrievers are a cross between our Cocker Spaniel males and our Golden Retriever females. Being a mixed breed dog, the temperament of the Country Retriever puppy will reflect the general temperaments of his parent breeds.
In physical appearance, our Country Retriever pups resemble a Golden Retriever, smaller in size, with Cocker Spaniel like ears. Some have straight coats, some wavy, with Golden Retriever feathering.

They can be anywhere from a light golden to a dark (red) golden coat, and if crossed with our Chocolate Cocker Spaniel- Fudgie, the pups can be black, black with chocolate highlights, or black with tan/golden markings.

The Country Retriever will be anywhere from 30-45 lbs.

It is very important to us that our pups are not left alone for extended periods of time, especially not on a daily basis. If pups are left alone too often or too long, they may start chewing or digging out of boredom or anxiety, and emotional and behavioural problems start to surface.

Our puppies are not for people who don’t have the time to interact with their dog or who don’t have the space to accomodate them. Fenced in yards are ideal, giving your Country Retriever the freedom to run off their energy, roam about and explore without needing your constant supervision.

The puppy and his family benefit greatly from obedience training. We highly encourage enrolling your puppy in Puppy School for the benefits of early socialization and solid groundwork for training. 

We also highly recommend enrolling in Baxter & Bella’s Online Puppy Training Program.  More info about this program is available on our  ABOUT page. A well trained dog will be a pleasure to have around.

The Country Retriever comes from two intelligent breeds that are typically people-pleasers and are quick to pick up on and obey commands. That said, the wilful little Cocker Spaniel may present in his personality so ensure your approach is firm, consistent and establishes pack leadership early on. The puppy will do best with lots of praise and rewards when he does a job well.

Since Country Retrievers have a double coat, they will need regular brushing, especially when they blow coat in spring and fall. To remove loose and dead hairs, use an undercoat grooming rake. 

Keep an eye on your pup’s ears. Fold over ears are more prone to infections, so keep them clean and dry. Eco Ears is a good natural product that helps keep the ears dry and clean.

You do not want to bath too often, as this washes out the natural oils, and leaves the skin itchy and dry. When you do bathe your pup, thorough bathing with quality dog shampoo is important. Rinsing and re-rinsing are are very important, as soap residue can cause skin irritation. When blow drying his coat, never use hot air as it can burn his skin.


Over the past number of years we have had many requests for a Country Retriever puppy (Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel). 

We took our time to research the outcome other breeder’s were having with this cross. We wanted to be sure we would feel confident with the health, the temperament, and the physical appearance of this blend. 

We also researched the science of Artificial Insemination. Once we felt well prepared with the knowledge, we invested in the proper testing and procedural equipment so we could breed responsibly, and embark on this new venture with confidence.

In spring of 2021, we welcomed our first Country Retriever litter. It was exciting, and intriguing to watch these babies grow and develop individual personalities and physical traits.

We are thoroughly enjoying the updates from our families with these babies in their new homes.


Updated July 8, 2022


Dusty and Autumn’s pups were born May 18, 2022.

Our beautiful, playful Autumn had 4 female and 2 male pups. Pups have gone home to begin their life adventures with their families.

💖Charlie is available and looking for his forever home. Charlie has been diagnosed with a grade 3 heart murmur at 7 weeks old. If you are interested in providing him with a loving home, please fill out an application and we will be in touch with how we provide will support for Charlie.💖


Bonnie’s pups arrived on June 29th, and are thriving under her tender care💖.

She had 5 girls and 4 boys. This litter is dual sired with Dusty and Stormie.

DNA testing has been done to verify which is the Daddy to each pup.



Crystal is pregnant and her pups should arrive August 19th.

Crystal’s litter was dual sired by Fudge and Dusty for a multicolored litter. DNA testing will be done to verify the daddy to each pup.


Following are a few baby photos while they were with us, and  updates and posts from our 2021 Country Retriever families.

Click on each photo for a full sized view. Enjoy!

Axel (Grimsby, ON)

Axel is a fun loving super chill dog. He is super smart and loves socks and pine cones. He is gentle and sweet.

He loves people and other dogs. He doesn’t bark exept when he gets a little sassy! 😜

We could not have asked for a better dog. He is so wonderful and funny.

He knows how to use his Cocker Spaniel eyes to maximum efficiency! The Country Retriever is an amazing breed and Axel is an amazing dog!


River  (Lanark County, ON)

My family of six is the proud owner of a Candyville Pup Country Retriever named River!
There is so much to be said about this handsome little guy! Besides his obvious looks that stops everyone to ask “What mix is he? He is beautiful!’

River has so much personality wrapped up in his little body! River is quick, he learns fast, runs even faster and is the first one up in the morning to see what the day has in store for him!

River has an eagerness to learn and please! He loves to be the fastest dog of all our pups, and has the best recall I’ve ever known in a dog!

He has big brown eyes that stares into ours and loves to stay by our side for a good snuggle! He has everything a dream dog is made of, and we couldn’t be happier to call him ours!

If you’ve been searching for the perfect dog, at the perfect size and temperament— look no further! This breed is all that and more!

-Kate Monaghan

(Pup is 6 months old)

Matilda   (Toronto, ON)

Matilda is a playful, loving, smart little scamp. She is a lover of nature and enjoys her walks and is good on a leash. She can be wild and crazy with zoomies one minute, then cuddled up for a nap the next. 

Matilda loves, I mean loves, our 3 year old Goldador and the feeling is mutual (most times!). She is also curious but gentle with our two cats. 

Matilda was exceptional at house-training and is also eager to please and be trained. She is a joy to have as a member of our family. 


Pippin  (Burlington, ON)

Pippin is such a darling, funny little thing. He weighs (on Wednesday Sept 29/21) 14.8kg. He’s losing lots of teeth at the moment… except for his canines. The adult teeth are growing next to his baby teeth.

He’s very affectionate and he’s very intelligent. He does problem solving very well and he learns tricks quickly. He loves playing with his toys with us, he teases by pretending not to notice we’re going to pick up a toy… then he pounces … and he enjoys ‘stalking’ us. In the last photo, you see him plotting his next move.

He’s extremely friendly, loves going for walks and meeting people and dogs. He does get over-excited when there’s other people around – he seems to short circuit and cannot focus on anything, he just jumps up and kisses and doesn’t seem to understand any commands.
He’s very charming and a complete Lovie.


(Pup is 6 months old)

Riley (Ottawa, ON)

Riley loves to meet people and other dogs. He is very friendly with everyone. He is soo curious about the leaves, birds, squirrels, it is fun to watch him. We had fun at the pumpkin patch, he saw a hog, ducks…it was great! For the most part he is house trained, loves his crate (when I have had to go out sometimes). He sleeps in his bed in my room and loves it. He is a lovable companion and as soon as I get trained properly for him it will be even more fun.


(Pup is 4 months old)


Marlee (Whitby, ON)

Marlee is friendly and energetic. She loves to play and is learning quickly. She sleeps well in her crate and sleeps well through the night. She is mostly potty trained, but still has some accidents when she gets distracted. She loves all people and dogs, although they don’t always want to play. She is also great with the kids.

(Pup is 4 months old)


Penelope   (Burlington, On)

Penelope is such a sweet girl. Busy, energetic, daring and smart. Crate training was a breeze , potty training had a few challenges as we learned her cues. We continue with our puppy training. She gets the zooms at night and races around, up and down stairs in and out of rooms. She gets overly excited at times when playing but a simple time out in her crate settles everything down. Loves her toys and still sleeps with her buddy. She gets along with other dogs and is very friendly with people.

Without a doubt these puppies are loving and sweet, full of energy and enthusiasm. Smart and clever they train so quickly and adapt to their homes and families without pause. Penelope was a wonderful choice and we are enjoying her antics and the special joy she brings with her.


(Pup is 4 months old)

Cady (Pickering, ON)

Cady makes us very happy as she is so affectionate, clever and confident. She soaked up all the lessons from the first two levels of training at the local dog school. Our family looks forward to visits with her dog friends that include her brother Karmen and sister Matilda, of the same litter.  Cady loves having her teeth brushed but runs when I try to clean her ears.  
Her favourite games include:
  • *Climb the couch and woodpile
  • *Army crawl under the bed up to the head board
  • *Hide and seek 
  • *Bounce the ball down the stairs 
  • *Catch the frisbees in the air
  • *Jump in the empty bathtub 
  • *Biting her own ear
  • *Playing “goat” in goat yoga  
  • *Eat the dryer sheet

 Candyville Pups gave her a nurtured foundation and provided us with a warm, engaging experience right from the night the pups were born.  Thank You!

Angela Laarakkers


Carmen  (Kitchener, ON)

We couldn’t be more happy with our precious pup, Carmen. Thank you Katherine and Candyville pups for recommending this sweet boy. He’s perfect for our family and we’ve completely fallen in love with him. 

Apart from being such a handsome dog, Carmen has an amazing temperament. Everyone comments on how calm and well-mannered he is for a pup. He’s gentle with children and our 5-year old, who was a bit scared of dogs, has become so confident around dogs.

He loves snow, finding and carrying sticks on his walks (the bigger the better), and jumping in my vegetable garden to get a better sniff at the neighbors dogs (sigh).He also loves tug and playing fetch (although he’s not so good at give yet). He’s a true delight and gives us so much comfort during what has been a tough 1.5 years.
Thanks to training and advice Katherine and Candyville pups offered, we never had any issues with crate training. In fact,  training Carmen has gone very smoothly.  He loves long walks and walks well on leash. But more than walks he loves hugs, kisses and cuddles. 
Once Carmen is a bit older, we will be looking to add another Candyville pups to our family. 

                 Finn  (Stittsville, ON)

Finn (formerly known as Max/green collar) is a HUGE cuddler.
Loves lying across your lap or snuggle up near your neck like a big hug. He’s always full of kisses. Super friendly and outgoing. Happy to meet new people & dogs.

Amazing off leash and has a great recall. Sleeps through the night 10pm to 7:30am daily. Sleeps in our oversized laundry room, no crate needed.

He doesn’t chew anything he’s not supposed to. Fully potty trained. Loves his chew bones, carrying around his stuffies and hanging out with his fur brother.


(Pup is 4 months old)

Snowy Winters  (Ottawa, ON)

Snowy is a very loving cuddly pup, sleeps well at night! Still trying to befriend the cats. Still working on house training.


(Pup is 4 months old)

Kobe  (Belle River, ON)

Kobe loves picking up stones, wood, bubble baths, laces and most of all cardboard or paper. He wants to be close to us, definitely loves cuddles .
Personality …. Friendly, energetic, smart. Timid with noises (hates moving cars). 
Graduated from obedience class and is currently in advanced training and agility ….. loves his liver treats 🐶


(Pup is 4 months old)