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Golden Retriever


The intelligent Golden Retriever has an eager to please personality. He excels in obedience training, and fills his role well in different fields as a Service Dog. Golden Retrievers are playful but gentle with children, and get along well with other pets, making them excellent family pets.  Our Golden Retrievers can weigh between  55 – 75 pounds.


Cocker Spaniel


The Cocker Spaniel is a very gentle, easy-going, yet lively companion. Cocker Spaniels are very social, family oriented dogs, and do not do well if left alone too long, too often. A Cocker Spaniel’s small size helps him fit in in most home environments. Cocker Spaniels can have a variety of colours and can weigh up to 35 pounds.




The Goldador originates from an effort to create a working dog with the sensitivity of a Golden Retriever and the high physical tolerance of a Labrador Retriever making them “The Best of Both Worlds”.

Country Retriever

 Country Retrievers are a smaller version of the Golden Retriever, with the combined friendliness, loyalty, and sweet temperaments of both breeds.

These pups should finish out between 30-45 lbs.


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Browse through our CandyvillePup gallery to discover some of the cutest pictures of our puppies and adult dogs. Discover our pups environment, development, and the mother and father of each CandyvillePup!