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💖🐾Welcome to Candyvillepups, Where There’s Puppy Love in Every Heartbeat🐾💖

Here at CandyvillePups, we work together as a family, along with our staff in caring for our dogs, and raising our pups.

As a family, we believe that God has designed all of Creation to bless mankind in some special way. Dogs were created with the most extraordinary ability to serve as guide dogs, seizure/diabetic alert dogs, as search and rescue dogs, as therapy dogs, as hunting comrades, and all around, they serve as man’s best friend.

We believe the privilege of owning a dog comes directly connected with the responsibility of properly caring for the dog so he/she can thrive in his environment, and have a purposeful, enjoyable life.

“A righteous man regardeth (considers, values) the life of his beast…” Proverbs 12:10

God cares about how we care for His beautiful creatures.

We, along with our staff,  have spent and continue to spend hours researching and educating ourselves on what it takes to raise healthy, well balanced, socialized puppies that are able to adapt well into their new family’s home. 



At CandyvillePups, each of our breeds have their own large, fenced in outdoor area where they can run, play together, and soak up the sun on lazy afternoons.

Their indoor rooms are spacious, insulated, with heated floors. Windows provide natural lighting, and keep fresh air flowing through the rooms.

Each room is equipped with 24 hr surveillance cameras so we can keep an eye on them, and make sure all is well when we aren’t with them. 

Everyone loves the runs down the fieldlane, a frolic in the bush, a trip down to the lake, or just relaxing in the office with staff or family.




We have a separate nursery for our moms and their pups. The nursery is insulated, heated, has 24hr surveillance, and is equipped with neonatal puppy care equipment.

Our expectant moms are on Prenatal Vitamins -Oxy Mate- throughout their pregnancy, and switch to Oxy Mama, a Nursing and Recovery supplement throughout the weeks of nursing and caring for their young.

Each mom has her own indoor room with outdoor access where she can nurture and raise her pups. The outdoor run is a place for pups to run and play, and also is useful in teaching the pups that potty business is done out of doors.

Research shows that puppies should be raised by and interact with their mothers for at least their first eight weeks. This is important in their emotional and social development, giving them foundational training no one can provide better than their mother.

Research has shown that puppies who receive early stimulation and socialization in the all important first days and weeks, are much better able to handle stress & change, are more resistant to disease, and are eager and receptive to learning new things. We are happy to share our puppy protocol (Early Stimulation and Training) with approved puppy families at the time of reservation.

In addition to early stimulation and socialization, our puppies will come;

  • • Dewormed on a regular schedule

  • • Receive overall health check by our licenced vet

  • • First vaccine by our licenced vet

  • • Crate trained

  • • Potty trained

***By the time our puppies leave here to go to their new home, they will be well established in their understanding that potty business is all done in a designated place. They will have learned to be quiet and content in their crates up to 2.5 hrs at a time for naps.

This is a great foundation for puppy families to build on. However, there will be new sights, sounds, routine, and people in the puppy’s new home, so families need to be consistent in training to help him adapt to his new surroundings, schedule, etc…, and to keep building on the concepts he has already learned.

Discovery Room

Next to the nursery is the Discovery Room. This is where shining little eyes, curious little noses, and little wagging tails get to explore and learn through different skill building, mentally stimulating activities. As the pups grow, we do various Sensory Development Sessions with the puppies. This helps them develop confidence, curiosity, interest in life and the world around them, and prepares them mentally and emotionally for starting out in their exciting adventures with their new families.

These sessions are recorded and shared with prospective families so they can watch their little one in this intriguing stage of development.

This room also provides a place for families to meet the pups, watch them play, and interact with the pups.

 Candyville Pup Shoppe

Our families have often asked for recommendations for quality products. We decided to invest in products to have available here for our families to purchase at the time they come out to meet the pups.

More info coming soon…

Puppy Packs

Puppy Information Folders at First Visit


  • • Written Sales Contract and Two Year Health Warranty
  • • Information package with tips on potty training, nutrition, socialization, setting a schedule for your puppy, etc…
  • • Recommendations for quality supplies that you’ll need before the puppy comes home
  • • Recommendations for Online Dog Trainer to help you be prepared with the knowledge you’ll need to get off to the right start with your puppy
  • • Recommendations for high-quality puppy food and supplements
  • • Breeder support for any questions along the way as you await your puppy’s homecoming



Puppy Packs Received at the Time You Take Your Puppy Home

  • • Health Certificate with records of first shots and deworming schedule to date
  • • Blanket with mom and littermates’ scent
  • • Collar
  • • Bonus Bag of goodies for the puppy
  • • Ongoing Breeder Support

Health and Happiness are Everything to Us!

A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog!

To help make sure our puppies have a happy, healthy start in life, we started with a focus on the health of our parent dogs.

  • • All of our parent dogs have breed specific OFA approved DNA testing done with PawPrint Genetics
  • • All parent dogs have age appropriate PennHip and elbow OFA certification
  • • All parent dogs are kept up to date on deworming schedules, yearly booster vaccines, and rabies vaccine
  • • All parent dogs have complete blood panel done for internal organ health as directed by our vet
  • • All parent dogs have dental cleaning and care by our local vet
  • • All dogs are fed a high quality natural dog food
  • • All dogs are on high quality supplements for optimum health
  • • Our expectant moms are on Prenatal Vitamins -Oxy Mate- throughout their pregnancy, and switch to Oxy Mama, a Nursing and Recovery supplement throughout the weeks of nursing and caring for their young

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Contact CandyvillePups with any questions you may have. We will be glad to discuss what you may be looking for, and what we have to offer.