Cocker Retriever Pups are $3500+HST

Sunny & Stormie

We are planning a fall 2024 litter with our beautiful, sweet Sunny girl, daughter of Maple and Thunder.

With Sunny’s gentle, sweet nature, and Stormie’s jolly curiousity, these babies are sure to add 

 lots of love and laughter to your home.


Scroll down the page for photos (more photos coming….) of pups from Sunny & Stormie’s first litter as

they are growing up and enjoying new adventures with their very own family.

Please fill out the Puppy Application with detailed answers if you would be interested in

having a Cocker Retriever puppy become a part of your family.


Available Cocker Retriever Pup

Whiskey is the son of Dusty and Autumn, born May 18, 2022.

Whiskey is a very handsome, sweet pup. He is very intelligent, and has had good basic training.
Whiskey has some issues with social skills and resource guarding.
We have been working with him since he came back to us, and he is very responsive, very eager to please.
We are looking for an experienced family who understands calm, loving, firm leadership that Whiskey can respect, and that will bring out the true beauty in him.
For more information, please contact us.
Please give us a description of your experience with dogs in your contact email.

February 5, 2024

Enjoying the beautiful springlike weather with

Eira, Whiskey, Thunder, and Nutmeg.


Check out more photos and read what our families are saying about their pups on the

Testimonial page and on our Cocker Retriever Gallery.

We’d like to thank the families for sharing updates and photos with us.


Our Cocker Retrievers are a cross between our American Cocker Spaniel males and our American or English Golden Retriever females. Being a mixed breed dog, the temperament of the Cocker Retriever puppy will reflect the general temperaments of his parent breeds.
In physical appearance, our Cocker Retriever pups resemble a Golden Retriever, smaller in size, with Cocker Spaniel like ears. Some have straight coats, some wavy, with Golden Retriever feathering.

They can be anywhere from a light golden to a dark (red) golden coat, and if crossed with our Chocolate Cocker Spaniel- Fudgie, the pups can be black, black with chocolate highlights, or black with tan/golden markings.

Our Cocker Retrievers are anywhere from 28-45 lbs with most being in the 30-35 lb range.

It is very important to us that our pups are not left alone for extended periods of time, especially not on a daily basis. If pups are left alone too often or too long, they may start chewing or digging out of boredom or anxiety, and emotional and behavioural problems start to surface.

Our puppies are not for people who don’t have the time to interact with their dog or who don’t have the space to accomodate them. Fenced in yards are ideal, giving your Cocker Retriever the freedom to run off their energy, roam about and explore in a safe space.

The puppy and his family benefit greatly from obedience training. We highly encourage enrolling your puppy in Puppy School for the benefits of early socialization and solid groundwork for training.

We also highly recommend enrolling in Baxter & Bella’s Online Puppy Training Program.  More info about this program is available on our  ABOUT page. A well trained dog will be a pleasure to have around.

The Cocker Retriever comes from two intelligent breeds that are typically people-pleasers and are quick to pick up on and obey commands. A loving, positive, firm, and consistent approach to training establishes pack leadership early on. If your pup feels confident and secure in your love and leadership, he/she will thrive and excel in your training efforts. You will be bound for a joyful, exciting journey of learning together, achieving together, and celebrating a life of adventure together. ?

Since Cocker Retrievers have a double coat, they will need regular brushing, especially when they blow coat in spring and fall. To remove loose and dead hairs, use an undercoat grooming rake.  Some Cocker Retriever pups have a fuller coat more like the Cocker Spaniel. These need a trim a few times a year, leaving the pup feeling and looking beautiful and well kept. ?

Keep an eye on your pup’s ears. Fold over ears are more prone to infections, so keep them clean and dry. Eco Ears is a good natural product that helps keep the ears dry and clean.

You do not want to bath too often, as this washes out the natural oils, and leaves the skin itchy and dry. When you do bathe your pup, thorough bathing with quality dog shampoo is very important. Make sure to rinse and re-rinse to get all the shampoo out as soap residue cwill cause skin irritation.