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Sasha (Maple & Thunder)

Sasha ( aka Araya)
Maple and Thunder daughter

We picked up Sasha beginning of February -she has become our pride and joy. She loves the snow, rain and walks everyday.

She greets us at the door every day with toy and every morning too, u must acknowledge the toy she brings. She gets along with everyone she meets and other dogs too.. now she does got thru toys . Thank u Kathy
We love our golden retriever!🥰

Todd and Debbie Chapman



She is the daughter of Hershey and Rainger. Born Feb 19/22. She is everything we wanted and more. Her big brother Angus is from Candyville too! Same dad! Loves her so much! He is teaching her all he knows. She is smart. And fiesty! She is 11 weeks old right now and loves the yard and her brother Angus and sister Callie. She also loves the cats!
Candyville has been so informative in the puppy training process both times! Willow loves her crate and has such pretty colouring! She loves the bully sticks to chew on and the heartbeat pup at night !

Shelly Slyfield-Hall

Sadie (Daisy & Dusty)

We picked up Sadie Oct 13, 2021. Sadie is sweet, loving, funny, silly, and so, so smart. She loves food, treats, walks, meeting new ppl and dogs. She loves everyone, and is always happy to see those she’s met before.

I highly recommend Candyville pups, the site is clean. They’re attentive, they truly love the pups and what they do. We are one big family now. Thank you Katherine!!

Carol Dorrell

Rusty (Thunder & Maple’s Little Runt💖)

On Dec 29,2021 our world became a better place as we picked up or Golden Retriever Rusty.
Since then he has filled our home with laughter, joy, and lots of love. There have been moments that he has his stubbornness come out and he try’s to show us who is boss.                                        I would like to thank Candyville Pups for bringing this joy to our lives. Kathy Thank you . You have given us a very welcome addition to our family.                                                                                                                                                                         I would highly recommend CandyvillePups to anyone thinking of getting a pup. The staff and owners are a pleasure to deal with.


Rusty at Candyville

Helen Hanshaw

Billie (Abby & Thunder)

We can’t thank Katherine and her family enough for blessing us with such an incredible, loving, super smart, beautiful puppy! What Candyville does to prepare these puppies to go home is nothing but incredible! They truly care so much and it showed from the first day we brought Billie home. Our girl did amazing in the crate from the get go and never had an accident in the house yet! She would walk to the door sit and bark once to open the door to go out. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! We love Billie more and more every day!!

Melanie Doucette


We picked up Brody on April 9th, 2021. We felt so lucky to have scored this beautiful little man. He is smart, funny and such a happy puppy. We have had him 5 months and he has settled in just perfectly. Our older dog took a while to accept him, but they are good buddies now. If you are thinking of making an American Cocker Spaniel part of your family, you can’t go wrong with a Candyville Pup. They have a ton of energy, so you just have to make sure they expend it throughout the day. They also get very attached to their family, fairly quickly and training is key to having a great puppy and a fabulous dog in the future. Can’t recommend Katherine and Candyville Pups enough. Thank you for our little man!

Donna Clarke


He is the son of Abby and Rainger.
He is the best pup we have ever had. The breeder does so much to prepare these pups for their homes.

He was almost crate trained on day 1—smell of mom on a blanket and heartbeat pup. He rings the bells to go out to do his business almost from day 1—again -started at the breeder! They are awesome to deal with. The whole update process from birth to pick up! The pups are so smart! Yes he chews but you need lots of chew toys and bones . He is an amazing addition to our family. We love him! Loves the raw bones that are frozen to chew on. He has the best temperament!! He is gonna be a big boy. Probably 80 pounds. We will see. He is 13 weeks today and 30 pounds! Very treat motivated. He sits/paw/down and stays for his kibble—-not really a treat! 😂

Shelly Slyfield-Hall

We brought our sweet girl

We brought our sweet girl home May 2019. She fit in with our family perfectly. Katherine reassured us that her puppies had great dispositions and easy to train. She was right in every aspect. Tilly is the sweetest cocker spaniel with an easy going personality. Great with kids and loves to be around us all the time. She loves to go for walks, run around at the cottage and lay in the sun.

Jennifer Foster


We brought Harley-Quinn home on Aug 1/20.
She is almost 7 months old and is doing amazing. She enjoys paddle boarding in the summer,(with her life jacket of course) running around our trailer, playing with kids and other dogs. She has an amazing personality. She is cuddly, affectionate and just an absolute joy. I would recommend this breeder to anyone looking to adopt. The love the breeder showed for her pups on site was wonderful to see. She also has mom and dad on site. Harley is a black American Cocker, but as she grows you can really see the brown coming out in her. She is stunning and stops people everywhere we go. She loves people, she cries and hugs with her paws around your neck when she misses us. She travels with us in the winter to my boyfriend’s property in Manitoulin where she enjoys running, camp fires and of course more cuddles.

Thank you so much for allowing is the pleasure of adopting this beautiful pup.


Jennifer McNamara


After an absolutely terrible experience with a backyard breeder we found Candyville Pups. I was super impressed with the facility and more impressed that the litters are treated as family members until they are adopted. Katharine was amazingly easy to deal with and very accomodating with our time. Murphy is now just over 2 years and is the most loveable dog one could ask for. He snuggles all the time. He can’t get close enough to you if you sit to watch tv. If you are not sitting on on the couch or chair he can share he will lie with his head on your foot so he is touching you. When he is left alone in the house he is such a good boy and goes and lies on my daughters bed so he can smell her. Murphy loves the water and being outside. He is gentle and well behaved. Murphy is super intelligent and is easy to train. I would definitely deal with this kennel should I be in search of another Red Golden Retriever.

Shirley Cove

Stella Ruby

Similar to another post, we lost one of our Beautiful pups too early, Ruby. Still miss her terribly, she was wonderful. We then saw where Kathryn had another litter of pups, a step sister of Ruby’s. At first, they were all spoken for, so it was meant to be. Until, we got the call that someone had to back out and there was 1 female left, Stella. Happens to be my favourite beer, so meant to be!
As always this breeder is easy to approach, kennels are clean, puppies are amazing.
A huge thank you for Stella Ruby, she is an amazing, beautiful golden retriever. Would recommend this breeder completely.
Love seeing the pictures of some of Stella’s relatives!


(Gyp & Trixie, Oct 29, 2018)

Peggy Hurley

Sailor (Dixie & Dusty)

I was lucky to bring home Sailor, my little cocker spaniel pup in May of this year. She has been such an amazing companion throughout this crazy pandemic year. I am grateful for the initial work and training from Katherine and her family. Sailor was happily crate trained and understood the basics of potty training when she arrived, although still needed to learn in her new home. Sailor is a bold and extremely friendly pup, who needs to say hello to every dog and human she comes in contact with. I’ve taken her on all my camping trips and hiking trails throughout the summer and she has proven herself to be quite the climber! She is just as happy to sit by my feet while I work at my desk as she is outside finding new trails and swimming in the lake. Her overall temperament is sweet, fearless and loyal. I could not have found a more perfect pup. ❤️

(Daughter of Dusty & Dixie, March 14, 2020)

  Bailey at 2.5 weeks


Julie-Ann Koblun

Archie (Gyp & Lyla, Oct 2018)

I am so glad we found CandyvillePups 3 years ago! They gave us the sweetest puppy who we lost after only 10 short months to a terrible accident. Our experience with our first puppy was so wonderful that we returned to CandyvillePups for another puppy.
Our golden retriever Archie has now become our baby over the last couple years. He’s so well mannered and so great with all the kids in our family, he’s truly a pleasure to have around no matter what the activity is. He is also very handsome with his red coat that receives many compliments.
Kathryn was such a pleasure to communicate with in arranging pickup and travel for our puppy. It was no trouble to tell they truly care for their pups and want to ensure they go to loving homes. I would highly recommend this breeder.

Nikita Manuel


We adopted Carly Dec 14/2018, our experience dealing with you was awesome and so comforting.
Carly is an extremely quick learner, loves her stuffies and chew bones. She LOVES PEOPLE and can’t get close enough to them. She’s not a barker only when she wants to come in from outside. Wants to be loved all the time, she is so sweet. She loves swimming in the pool and waits for our command before she goes in.

(Daughter of Gyp & Lyla)

I hope in the future to get a brother or sister for Carly, from Candy Ville Pups!!

Heather & Stephen Webber

Heather & Stephen Webber

Kia -Newfoundland, CA

We added Kia to our family in December 2019 and couldn’t be happier!
Kia is such a fun and loving dog! She is very eager to learn and excels in her puppy training classes.
She loves playing outdoors in the snow. We go for walks, run in fields and play fetch. Kia is great at being off leash and just wants to follow us everywhere. We can’t wait for summer to get her in the water.
Her favorite place to go is doggy daycare where she can meet new people and dogs. Kia also has a brother Mitts (cat) who she adores. They are getting along great and even laying down with each other already!
We are so happy with Kia and would suggest Candyville pups.
Thank you!



Gyp & Sophie Oct 16, 2019

Brittany Benoit & Tony Foley


Meet Hudson! We met with Katherine in December 2019 and seen all of the beautiful puppies, after picking the perfect one, we brought him home a few days later and couldn’t have been happier with our choice. Hudson is such an incredible dog. He is the most loving caring dog I have ever met, and also amazing around children and such a hard worker in the field. I look forward to having Hudson as my bird dog this September and cannot say enough good things about this breeder! I would highly recommend Candy ville pups to anyone looking for the perfect addition to their family !
We will definitely be back for another one!

Gyp & Sophie Oct 16,2020

Jordan Labron


We adopted Howie (puppy name Alex) on June 11th, 2019. He will be a year old Sunday March 29th, 2020.
We absolutely love him. He has a great temperament, although quite shy of new people. He is tad stubborn and extremely smart. He loves to play ball inside and at the dog park, he is a very speedy runner. Sleeping on his back snuggled on a blanket is his favourite hobby. He makes us laugh daily. Howie is very loyal to his humans and his best puppy pals.
I still remember the day we adopted him. You could tell how much Katherine and her family really cared for the puppies. She had to give Howie one last cuddle before we left, it melted my heart.
We could not be happier with our experience at CandyvillePups.

Tess Atthill


Candyville Pups did not disappoint with our little Stewart. We have had cockers in the past and loved them dearly but Stewy’s temperament is amazing. We brought him home and mentally prepared ourselves that we have a puppy and not 2 well trained older dogs, but my husband and I were like is this it? Kind of questioning when is he going to start being a little terror and I must say it never happened. We also expected to lack sleep being puppy owners but he slept through the night only getting up when we had to ourselves so we would let him out.

Stewy is like any puppy with normal puppy energy when he first wakes up but it doesn’t seem to last long then he just wants to cuddle. I love love that he lets me hold him like a baby, it’s my favourite time with him doing that and relaxing with him.

He loves his walks and is great with other dogs and kids just wants to play and have fun.

We loved him from the moment we met him and that love hasn’t wavered, I could only imagine what his brothers and sisters were like because Stewart is by far the best puppy we have ever raised and my whole family has raised cockers for years and shocked how well behaved and well mannered this little boy is.

Son of Dusty and Dixie

Amanda Ross


We welcomed Kali into our family in April 2019 from Gyp & Bellas’ litter Jan 22,2019.

Like a few others, we also thought this new litter was located in Aylmer, QC (15mins away) however to our surprise it turned out to be Aylmer, ON (6.5hrs). We almost changed our minds on the puppy we had set our eyes on, who’s cuteness had warmed our hearts, but at the last minute we decided that she was worth it, so we jumped in the car and hit the road which has proven to be the best decision.

Kali is an amazing pup. She’s now 1 years old and she’s been a dream. She doesn’t bark, growl, grunt or bite. She’s so quiet and very easy going. We could sleep-in until 10am if we wanted (not likely but just an example 😉 and she wouldn’t make a peep to disturb us from our slumber and just waits for sign of life before making her move. Kali gets along with everyone and is amazing with kids, adults and especially other dogs.

Kali is highly energetic so she needs at least 45min walk daily and is always ready to play, even… after play. She can catch and return a frisbee and also responds well to commands. As she is still a pup this is still work to be done and consistency is still work in progress.

We had a truly wonderful experience with Katherine who was always ready and available to answer questions and send pics. I would do it all over again with another puppy as she made it all so comfortable.

I highly recommend the preferred food TLC that is suggested as Kali has a beautiful shiny coat and is a perfect size. We have not had any issues with food or any stomach sensitivities with this food so far.

I feel that your experience with a Candyville pup, you will not be disappointed.

Renee Jennings

Bella’s Cinder

My husband and I welcomed Cinder (Puppy name Violet) into our home on April 7th 2019. I have been meaning to write a testimonial earlier but I forgot. What reminded me was the fact that Cinder turned 1 on January 22nd 2020! We are so happy with our puppy.

She is very smart and loves everyone! She loves to play and run around with her other lab friends Diesel and Scout. She has a lot of friends and knows how to play with them. Her one friend Kona is a rescue dog from South Korea and she is very gentle with her. Cinder is a mix of Chocolate Lab and Golden Retriever.

She got the best behaviour of both of those mixes. She knows how to sit/stay/leave it (when something drops on the floor)/ paw/ hug/ lay down. She is fully house trained and will whine at the door if she needs to go out or if she knows its dinner time.

The only thing Cinder does not like is bath time, mainly the rinsing off part. However she LOVES water!

She gets very vocal (growling/grunting) when she gets a new toy or when she wants to play and she loves when all the attention is on her. She is still learning how to be fully off leash when we take her to a park or to our Cottage in Muskoka. For the most part her recall is good but we are still training her with it.

Thank you so much Katharine for this beautiful dog! We love her so much and we are so happy to have her as part of our family! Gyp & Bella Jan 22,2019


Kayla Brown

Trixie’s Tucker- Newfoundland

So my husband and I heard about Candyville pups through my co worker who had recently adopted a golden retriever from them. We quickly got in contact with Katherine as we have always wanted a golden retriever. After she sent us some pictures of the pups, I immediately knew which one would be ours. Those beautiful eyes and broad chest had my heart!
Tucker came to us on July 1st at the airport, he was super excited to meet his big brother Bentley (our beagle) but Bentley wasn’t so happy to have a little pup to come home with us. Eventually Bentley came to love Tucker and his jolliness! They play in their fenced in yard all the time and Tucker absolutely LOVES his brother. Tucker has been a really good pup from the beginning. He rarely chews things up, he has been left out to roam the house since he was 3 months old while we’re at work, and loves to eat! I think he learned a lot of good habits from his big brother. Tucker is now 68 lbs and is so full of happiness, he literally lights up our world ♥️
Tucker is a pup from Trixie and Gyp

Windsor, Newfoundland

Samantha Warren

Naia (Daughter of Gyp & Sasha)

We adopted Naia on June 6th, 2019. She is from the golden/shepherd/collie litter born April 12th, 2019 and was formerly named Brandy. She has been the best addition our family could’ve asked for! As a puppy, she was a dream! She was sleeping through the night within the first week of having her, which we firmly believe was due to Katherine’s training. She was very easy to crate train and potty train, and picked up on commands so quickly.

Naia is now a 7 month old beautiful, healthy, happy girl. She loves car rides and going on hikes. She has such a spunky playful side, but for the most part is a pretty laid back and easy going dog. We also have a pet rabbit whom she has befriended and is so gentle with. Their friendship is simply adorable. We are so in love with our new family member and have no doubt we made the right decision adopting from Candyville pups!

Daughter of Gyp & Sasha

Mackenzie Landers

Archie was born in February

Archie was born in February 2018 and we welcomed him into our home in April 2018. The breeder had already named him Archie. The name suited him so well, we decided to keep it. He has been so much fun! He is very vocal – loves to talk – and loves his walks. He loves to cuddle and sleeps either between my husband and I or on my feet. Archie has so much personality that he makes us laugh at least once a day. He goes to the groomer every 10 weeks and enjoys playing with the other dogs. It’s like a play day for him – he’s extremely tired when he gets home.
When we went to the breeder’s to pick Archie up, we were amazed with how clean the place was. Katharine and Darryl are very organized.
If we ever wanted another pup, we would definitely contact Katharine and Darryl.
But right now, we are happy with Archie!

Sandra Castelijn

Nellie (Olive- Gyp & Sasha)

Our new baby is settling in amazingly. She’s already coming along with training, so far she’s learned sit, stay, come and down and she’s learning more every single day. She’s learning how to walk on a leash and although she can ignore a squirrel, she can’t resist running after a leaf blowing down the street!

I changed her name from Olive to Nellie, and she started responding to her new name almost right away.

She is very well behaved, all we have to make sure to do is keep her busy. She is a very smart girl so she needs constant stimulation (unless she’s having a well-deserved nap).

We are going to be getting her very first “service dog in training” vest. Nellie will be trained to respond to certain triggers for panic attacks, as well as be a medical alert dog for me. She will be able to help me so much, I am sure she will change my life for the better. We all know she’s going to be great at her job.

Nellie is happy and healthy, and she’s loving her new life. She has a new brother named Jake. He’s a big 90lb American golden retriever and he loves having a baby around. They tire each other out by playing, and they’ll end it all with a big cuddle.

We love her so much, and even though it’s only been a few weeks; we can’t imagine our lives without her.

Daughter of Gyp & Sasha

Tessa Malcom

I adopted Freya on June

I adopted Freya on June 24, 2019. She is an absolutely wonderful little pup with so much personality! I was so impressed when I arrived with everything I saw and how well run it was. These puppies and dogs have been so loved and well taken care of and it shows with how healthy and great they all are! I loved getting to meet Freya’s mom and dad and both so gentle and happy. Thank you for doing such an outstanding job raising these puppies and taking such great care of them!

Kiana Mescia

Sasha’s Boomer (Gyp & Sasha)

I am very happy to write a testimonial after the adoption of our sweet Boomer. My partner and I bought our first home almost two years ago, and kids haven’t happened yet.. we don’t know if it’s in the cards for us so we looked into getting a “fur baby” for now.

We started looking online at breeds and knew we would get a golden retriever of some kind but agreed we wanted a mix. I came across Katherine’s add on Kijiji and were instantly smitten with the litter of pups she had available. I asked about one of the males in the bunch, a gorgeous Retriever/Sheppard/Collie mix but unfortunately he was reserved by another family shortly thereafter. Katherine mentioned she had another pup who looked identical with a sweet loving temperament. You see, Kijiji only allows for a certain amount of pictures in one post, and since he looked exactly like his brother… so she shared a picture with us and we were hooked. We made what we were was a common mistake of thinking they were located in Aylmer Quebec, which is only about 40 minutes from where we’re located, in Rockland Ontario (approx 25 minutes east of Ottawa). Katherine pointed this out to me and we realized our drive to meet her and the pups would be 6.5 hours instead. We had to mull this over but essentially decided that our Boomer was worth the trip. It was a mixture of Katherines kind and helpful manner when I asked all my questions, her willingness to continuously send us pictures when we requested them, and the sweet sweet face we fell in love with in said pictures.

We drove up to London Ontario Thursday night two weeks ago and stayed the night so we would be well rested for our drive back with Boomer the next day, stopping as much as we needed to along the way. We made our way to Katherine’s home Friday morning and when we arrived we were greeted by her boy and lead to where Katherine was tending to the pups. It’s a great set up they have and you can instantly tell how happy the pups are as well as her loving family. We didn’t know what to expect as this was a first experience for my partner and I, but I had a strong trust in Katherine from our first conversation which put my mind at ease.

We walked into the kennel and I spotted a puppy in the first crate when you walk in. I told myself, wow I think that’s him. She walked us through the kennel explaining how it all works and had us meet the parents, they are lovely. She was very informative and at one point she said “i believe the one you really want to meet is your little guy” i quickly said “yesss!!!” She walked us back to the front of the kennel and sure enough, opened the crate and our little guy ran right to me and laid on his back for his first of our belly rubs. Then, ran right to Ben, my boyfriend and did the same. We fell in love instantly.

Katherine gave us a kit of information and samples for treats and such to take home with us. Boomer had a good potty training and crate training foundation which made the transition a breeze. We surely got lucky with how easy the first night was because he only woke us up to go outside. He quickly did his business and when he was back in his crate there was just a tiny bit of crying no more than a minute before he went back to sleep. It’s been like this ever since.

Thank you Katherine for always being available to answer all our questions and give us so much information that has helped us in our first almost two weeks with Boomer and going forward. I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking to adopt an incredibly sweet puppy.

Son of Gyp & Sasha

Sandra Desaulniers

Maze (Gyp & Trixie)

Well, I’m happy to write a second testimonial. We picked up our second Golden Retriever on June 22nd 2019. Our first, also from Katherine and Daryl, Nugge, is 1 year, 2 months now.
Our second, Maze, is 8 weeks old.
We started this adoption off with a lot of fun. We told our daughters Violet and Jett we were going on a road trip. Wouldn’t tell them where or what. So, we drove to Aylmer, kids bugging us all the way to tell them, lol. We didn’t.
So, we got there and Violet, my nine year old said “Wait, I remember this place!  Are we getting another dog?” We didn’t answer. Katherine met us all in the driveway and we walked into the nursery where all the puppies live.
We were greeted by Katherine’s daughter who was waiting with Maze on her lap. Violet immediately started to cry as she held Maze. It was an awesome sight. Totally worth it keeping it to ourselves. Btw, Katherine was in on the surprise for the kids.
While we were there we got to see Maze’s mom and her litter mates. What I noticed was the extremely clean living quarters the puppies were in. Lots of food and fresh water. Very neat and organized. What you want to see when you pick up your new puppy. Outside there’s plenty of land for the dogs to play and roam.
So, again, it was a wonderful experience. Maze is so playful and cuddly. She paws us for attention and we get nose jabs when she wants love. She’s beautiful and a perfect fit for our family and Nugget. He now has a playmate. BTW, she loves her stuffies  already! Such an incredible breed. Thank you Katharine for making our family complete!

Kelly, Melanie, Violet, Jett, and Nugget


Kelly Roundell


Amazing breeder. Impeccable facilities. Amazing golden retriever pup. Beautiful temperament and so easy to train!!
We love our Gracie!

Nicole Desmarais


Years ago I had a Golden Retriever. Since then they’ve been my favourite breed. I now have 4 yr old and nine yr old daughters and I thought a Golden would be good for them. I went online and googled “Golden Retriever Breeders”. I came across a few but one breeder was only 1 1/2 hours away in Aylmer Ontario- Daryl and Katharine Good.
I contacted them and told them I was looking for a male Golden Retriever. It must have been meant to be because she told me they just had a litter on April 20th 2018.
I had texted Katherine a few times with questions regarding the puppies and pickup etc. I knew they truly cared about where and who their puppies went to. It wasn’t about money, it was all about the puppies and if they were going to a good home.
She then sent me pictures of each one. I picked out the darkest red male and set up a date and time to go get him.
So, we packed up the kids and set out on our adventure/road trip.
When we got to this amazing home that had lots of land for the dogs to roam, we saw all these beautiful puppies in a gated off area. I knew instantly which one was ours.

They named him “Tucker”.
This is what they had done in preparation for us…deworming 4 times, Vet check, first shots, a written Health Guarantee and a Sales Contract. They also had a sample of puppy food to start us off, a collar and a cute little blanket with his mama’s scent on it to soothe him.
We had also prepared by getting a crate, toys and food for his arrival.
We drove home all excited and happy. He was beautiful!
We renamed him “Nugget”.
Well, we started with potty training right away and took him out every hour. He only had two accidents because we were late in getting him out. He was potty trained within two weeks. It was super easy and he’s a very smart dog as most Retrievers are.
He is extremely loving and playful. We get kisses and cuddles from him constantly. He’s never jumped on our kids, he doesn’t bite them or ever pull on their clothes.
He puts his paw on my leg when he wants a pet. If I’ve ever been upset, he’s come up and nudged me with his head or put his paw on me. Very in-tune with human emotion.
He was easy to crate train but I do admit that he does sleep with us now.
He loves the water, sticks and more than anything else…his stuffies. When we come in from being away he wags his tail and greets us with a stuffie in his mouth.
We take him to doggy daycare a couple times a week to socialize him. They tell us he’s the best dog there. He is VIP. Very well behaved and very playful.
We are currently training him and he’s extremely smart and quick to learn. Next in training is tricks. Fun for him and us!
He’s a perfect Golden Retriever personality wise and physically.

We are currently getting another Golden and wouldn’t go anywhere else other than Daryl and Katharine Good.
It’s going to be a total surprise for the girls. This time it’s a girl…Maze.

Exact same procedure but now many things have changed.
Here’s the changes in adopting a Golden from them…
Our new baby, Maze will also be potty trained and crate trained.
They also started doing Early Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, Sound Desensitization, and Socialization.
They were researching to see what more they could do to give their pups the best start possible, and came across this information.
Dogs intended for therapy, search/rescue, police dogs, army dogs… are all put through this puppy protocol to kick start their senses.
This is a description of the benefits:
The Biosensor Program involves five exercises that will produce neurological stimulations, none of which naturally occur during the early life of the puppy. The benefits that have been observed by providing this stimulation is:• improved heart rate,
• stronger heart beats,
• stronger adrenal glands,
• more tolerance to stress
• a greater resistance to
In learning tests the stimulated pups were found to be more active and were more exploratory than the pups not stimulated.
Secondary effects that were also determined were that the pups handled stressful situations with less whining, were much more calm, and made fewer errors.

That’s how much they care about their dogs and the homes they go to. You don’t just get to go and grab one. You have to be the right person. It’s all about what’s best for the puppies.

Sincerely and incredibly happy,
Kelly Roundell

Kelly Roundell

Ella – Mike Audet (Gyp & Bella)


My name is Mike Audet, and we adopted Ella (at the time her name was Sage) in March 2018.

I have been a dog lover since I was a kid, my father owning huskies for many years. Prior to Ella we had a Yellow lab (Maddie) for 12.5 years.

When we decided to look again, I wanted nothing but a lab, and this one would have to be Chocolate. I looked for a few months and found Katherine’s website. We exchanged emails and spoke on the phone about her dogs. When I saw BJ and Bella, I knew I had found the right breeder. We sent our deposit and made arrangements to pick up Ella after our trip to Mexico in March.

When we arrived, I fell in love with her puppies and the way she kept them. My decision rested on seeing the parents and when I saw Bella and BJ, I knew I had found my next dog. We completed the paperwork and payment and went home with our new puppy.

Ella has been a great dog. Gentle, soft, loving and devoted to me and our family. She loves being outside and running in our backyard. She is now out of her crate and is spoiled having beds in 3 different rooms. She continues to amaze me and its part of her genes. Her parents seemed well trained and devoted to Katherine and her husband, and Ella is like her parents. Ella will grow old with me, and live a long happy life with the Audet family.

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