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Puppy Placement Procedure
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Puppy Placement Procedure

Dogs bring an immeasurable blessing into the lives of their families. They provide companionship, they inspire people to get out, to enjoy a walk in the fresh air, to get exercise by playing fetch, or to explore God’s beautiful, soul-enriching nature trails.

Dogs have an amazing ability to read body language and facial expressions, enabling them to sense their owner’s feelings and moods. They provide comfort for the hurting, snuggle close when you’re lonely, and are always there to enthusiastically welcome you home. Their love is unconditional, and their loyalty unrivaled.

Children in the family have the opportunity to learn responsible behaviors by learning to feed, exercise, and clean up after their pet. They are richly rewarded with a pup that can become their best friend and devoted playmate.

The first step in the Placement Procedure is to do some serious thinking. Getting a puppy is not a decision than can or should be made in the spur of the moment. Make sure you are ready to commit to a companion pet for the next decade or so. Puppies grow up, and many dogs live an average of 10-15 years.

1) Do you have the time, financial resources, and energy to commit to a making the puppy a long term part of your life and family?

2) Are you ready to include the puppy in your family activities, take him along on trips, or provide a safe place for him to stay if it’s not feasible to take him along? Initially, you will have the cost of the puppy (Anywhere from $2500- $3500+), a crate and cushion or bed ($150- $300), 2nd and 3rd vaccinations, rabies shot ($75-$120 x 3), puppy training classes ($160+), plus stainless steel bowls, leash, toys, etc. (Prices of supplies and veternary fees may vary by region)

Then there are ongoing costs. Dogs need to eat -you might be surprised how much that adds up. They also need a yearly visit to the vet. Those are a few normal expenses, and then there’s always the unexpected. If you have thought it through carefully, and feel prepared to put your time and resources into a puppy, you will be amply rewarded. Dogs provide the truest kind of friendship, unwavering loyalty, and unconditional love.

The second step is filling out our Puppy Application. There really are no “right” or “wrong” answers, only honest answers. A responsible breeder asks a prospective buyer questions to be sure the puppies will be loved, properly cared for, and responsibly raised and trained.

A responsible breeder is also available and committed to answering any questions the prospective buyer may have initially and for the lifetime of the puppy.


Again, please be honest about your schedule, and your plans for puppy care, training, back up plan in case you need to be away…

Pups need loving, nurturing, training, and socializing in order  to thrive and develop properly, and that needs presence, consistency and attention. 

It is very important to us that our pups go to homes where they will be well cared for, where the family has time for the puppy, and will provide the love and nurturing the puppy needs in order to thrive and become the blessing God created it to be.

Once the Application has been completed, reviewed, and approved, we send the Health Warranty for you to preview. If terms are satisfactory, we ask that you sign and return it to us.

You can then place a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit  by e-transfer to complete your reservation. 

We keep families posted on breeding, confirmation of pregnancy, and arrival of pups. We then update families on a WhatsApp group message either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on how busy we are here.

Because individual personalities and temperaments become more distinct after 6 weeks of age, we wait until this time to have families meet and choose their puppy.

Families are invited to come out in the order of reservation at the 6.5-7 week stage to meet the puppies, interact/play with them, and choose their puppy. We will try to help each family match up with the puppy based on the temperament/personality they are looking for, and that would be best suited to their home and lifestyle.

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