Gyp has been an amazing addition to our home. Everyone who meets him comments what a beautiful soul he is. He definitely knows when someone needs that little extra cuddle & he will go sit beside them, lay his head in their lap & snuggle. He loves to adventure with us, stroll a quiet beach, walk and roll through the leaves or snow. He fit right into our home from the moment he arrived. His favorite places are any surface he can snuggle up, lay his head in your lap, get a belly rub & endless attention or on the porch lazing in the sun watching the world go by or following us in the garden to see what veggies he can pick. Baskets of toys, a bouncing ball or a challenge game are all fun – but if mom leaves a room, he has to follow. He does not like to be left alone – is a master escape artist & is especially attached to his mom – where she goes he is always only a step behind. Our family all love him & we are so thankful to have the opportunity to share his retirement years.

~Brenda Tupling