BUDDY (Hershey & Rainger)

Buddy is a working dog. He is training to be a service dog for our son, but he helps all of us. Buddy is eager to use his skills, and proud of himself when he does a good job. He goes with us everywhere, and is a very good boy. At 15 months old, he is an AKC Good Citizen, and will start in-school training this week. Our trainers constantly tell us, “You got a good one. He’s rocking it!”

Buddy joined our family a little over one year ago, and instantly made us dog people. We have watched him grow from a floofy pup to a gentle giant. He is intuitive, intelligent, playful, confident, and curious. He greets us with “pet-me” circles and happy whimpers. He likes everything and everywhere and everyone, but belly rubs and praise are his favorites. And sticks. Our home is more peaceful and somehow so much more full. How did we ever live without him?