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“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good…”
Gen 1:1, 31a

Our Breeds


Our Goldador pups are a cross between our Labrador Retriever females, and our Golden Retriever males. Goldadors combine the excellent qualities and traits of both breeds, and are extensively used as Guide Dogs for the visually impaired, and other service/therapy roles. Goldadors are very social, intelligent, easy to train and are an excellent family companion. Goldadors can be anywhere from 60-80 lbs.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular family pets. They are playful but gentle with children. They get along well with other pets, and are friendly to family and strangers alike. The intelligent Golden Retriever is very versatile. They’re known to work as service/therapy dogs, and as search and rescue dogs. They excel in obedience training. Our Golden Retrievers can weigh between 55 – 75 pounds.

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is a very gentle, easy-going, yet lively companion. Cocker Spaniels enjoy attention, and respond whole heartedly to the loving they receive. Cocker Spaniels come in a variety of colours and can weigh up to 30 pounds.

Our Guarantee

With our parent dogs having all their Genetic Health Testing done, and breed appropriate OFA certificates, we feel confident in providing a comprehensive Genetic Health Guarantee for each of our puppies. Genetics play an important role in the health and longevity of your puppy, but environmental factors play a greater role. Things like over and under stimulation, exercise, quality of food, home environment, etc… greatly affect the health and lifespan of your puppy.

The quality of the nutrition your puppy receives directly affects his health, so we strongly recommend that your pup is fed top quality dog food. We highly recommend TLC Dog Food, which we use, but also make room for puppy families to choose a different HIGH GRADE dog food. 

To protect each dog from negative breeding experiences and puppy mill conditions, the signing of a non-breeding contract is required. Our entire business is made to ensure that no dog is kept in unethical, inhumane conditions, and we are careful in screening potential puppy families to ensure each puppy goes to the best possible home.

Our Gallery

Browse through our CandyvillePup Gallery to discover some of the cutest pictures of our pups and adult dogs.

Adult Dogs

Candyville's Belle, A Song in the Night -Bella

Bella is a lovable, gentle girl. She enjoys playing with her comrades, although she is more reserved than her sister Blossom. Bella is an excellent mom, taking great care of her young. It is fascinating to watch her parenting skills in teaching the pups their first lessons in life. She is the daughter of Scout, from New Scotland Kennels. She has OFA excellent hips, is all clear on her Genetic Health testing.

Candyville's Gold Dust in Ohio -Dusty

Dusty is a jolly Cocker Spaniel, full of life and happiness. He loves to challenge the Retrievers to a race along the fence line, or just stretch out full length in the grass for an afternoon nap. He loves going for walks, exploring new sights and sounds everywhere he goes. We purchased Dusty from a breeder in Ohio. He had a great pedigree, several champions and grand champions in his line. The breeder promised to send his Registration Certificate and Pedigree, but after we called her a few times to see when the documents would arrive, she changed her number. This doesn’t change who he is, or our love for him, but it was disappointing not to have the legal documents.

Candyville's She's my Bonnie Lass -Bonnie

Bonnie is a very sweet girl, embracing life with a joyful abandon. She loves mud, loves to stand at the edge of a puddle and bark a challenge at her reflection. She can be quite a sight with her muddy coat, and exuberant smile.
When she’s not enjoying the mud, she has a beautiful white coat, soft, expressive eyes, and a wonderful personality. We look forward to her first litter of pups.
Bonnie is both AKC and CKC registered. She comes from European champion bloodlines. Her Pennhip score was .31, which is an excellent rating on the hips.

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