Meet Maui, a 9 month old Golden Retriever female pup that is looking for a family to love.

Maui has the same gentle, affectionate nature as her mama Maple. She loves her humans, and loves time spent together.

Maui went home at 8 weeks, and came back a week later with Puppy Strangles. We kept her here to care for her until she recovered. The family decided not to proceed with the adoption at that time. 

She could have gone home at around 4 months after being cleared by the vet, but we kept her to monitor and make sure there were no further issues.

If you zoom in on her face, you see the black pigment around her eyes, and some on her nose where the hair did not grow back. She had three vet checks after her episode by two different vets, and was cleared each time. The vets do not believe there will be any future health effects other than the scarring.  

The research I’ve done says it doesn’t cause future health issues other then the scarring. 

Nugget, one of the first testimonials on the website, had strangles as a pup. He’s had no lasting effects. He didn’t have scarring either. 

We want interested families to discuss this with their vet to get their take on Puppy Strangles and possible future issues. We want her family to make an informed, confident decision.

She has a beautiful temperament, she is a real sweetheart. She is very human focused and affectionate.

She will be a lovely addition to the right family, if they can look past her scarring and see the beauty in who she is.🩷

Send us an email if you would like more information, and are seriously interested in giving Maui a home and family of her very own.💞