Candyville’s For the Love of Spring Blossoms -Blossom

Blossom is the clown of the class. She is super friendly, wagging her whole body in joyful welcome. She loves her rope toys, and proudly shows them off to anyone who comes to see her.
She is a great mom, the most selfless, giving mom I’ve met. This has made it a challenge to keep her strong and healthy when she has pups. She selflessly gives all her food to her pups, so we separated her from her pups and gave her extra meat and supplements. After two weeks of puzzling over why we couldn’t get her to gain her weight back, we saw what she was up to.

She would eat all her extra food, and then when we weren’t around, she regurgitated her meal, and her pups joyfully dug in. A lesson on the sacrificial love of a mama.