Candyville’s Theodore TugBoat (aka Theo)

So, Theo’s character …

Loves his people so much!!  He loves to be close and on top of you for kisses and hugs multiple times throughout the day but for a short time.                                                              He gets hot quickly, so snuggles are short but lovely.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Loves all other dogs and animals, he is very submissive with all other dogs but then jumps right in to play once they do their initial sniff.
So welcoming to everyone, wouldn’t make a good guard dog lol. He greets everyone with a gift and lots of love.
He can be very stubborn, but he is a huge kisser and hugger.
He isn’t really food driven like most retrievers; he is extremely particular about what he eats. He hates to be messy with food but loves to find                                                            any mud he can when outside
He is rough and unaware of his size and doesn’t care about personal space, but he is just so sweet that he gets away with it most times.                                                                      He is like a bull in a China shop, so not graceful lol.

He is unbelievably STRONG … he has a strength that isn’t even normal (I don’t know if Rainger was like that but oh my he is like the hulk)
The little kids gave him a nickname as a baby, Theodore Tugboat because he was so big and strong, and he just bulldozes things and people.                                                            He loves to have fun but also loves to sleep and was the laziest puppy I had ever encountered!

He has a huge beautiful block head .. I could just kiss his face right off .. most days lol

~Theo’s Family


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April 13, 2024