This is our Cleo! Don’t let that cute face fool you, she’s not innocent. She is full of energy and curiosity. Her favourite toys are all of our kitchen towels and amazon packaging (even though she has a large repertoire of puppy toys to choose from – they don’t seem to be as exciting to her!). She is so smart, has hardly had any accidents in the house since we’ve had her here and rings the bell on our back door when she needs to go outside. She loves walks, although we don’t get very far. She is excited to taste every leaf we pass, and as you can imagine, in the fall – that takes up most of our walks. She has just learned to sit, stand, and lay down. She has started to develop more of an appetite and is eating three meals a day- plus lots of training treats! We are excited to see what else our little trouble maker does in the coming months – we couldn’t love her more!

Photo Credits Jen & Family,   Toronto, Ont

Cleo at 2 weeks

Cleo at 7 weeks



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January 26, 2021