Delta is a happy-go-lucky pup! He’s always up for an adventures, absolutely loves to go on sniffari’s, or sit and observe the goings on around him. He is very keen to learn new things and loves to be anywhere his people are. He’s a soft hearted lad who enjoys his cuddles before bed time.

Delta thrives on routine and needs his crate sessions for down time during the day. Pups need adequate rest while they are growing up. Delta is getting used to the lake but at this point prefers to dip his feet into a kiddie pool or fish his toys out of it. He loves obstacle courses and will sometimes make his own around our garden boxes, racing some of his energy off.

He has learned to sit and wait for the “ok” when getting his meals and waits at thresholds until freed to pass through. His sit/stay increments are lengthening but sometimes his eagerness for pets or a belly rub will get the best of him. 🙂

Delta is the son of Rainger & Bonnie. He is 7 months old, born February 08, 2023.  For more imformation please email