He is the son of Abby and Rainger.
He is the best pup we have ever had. The breeder does so much to prepare these pups for their homes.

He was almost crate trained on day 1—smell of mom on a blanket and heartbeat pup. He rings the bells to go out to do his business almost from day 1—again -started at the breeder! They are awesome to deal with. The whole update process from birth to pick up! The pups are so smart! Yes he chews but you need lots of chew toys and bones . He is an amazing addition to our family. We love him! Loves the raw bones that are frozen to chew on. He has the best temperament!! He is gonna be a big boy. Probably 80 pounds. We will see. He is 13 weeks today and 30 pounds! Very treat motivated. He sits/paw/down and stays for his kibble—-not really a treat! ?