We embarked on our search for a new puppy in 2022. As we have always rescued our furry friends, this was going to be a new adventure. It was imperative that we find a breeder that cared about their dogs since we had dedicated the last 33 years to loving dogs that didn’t come from good situations. We visited Katharine at the facility and could immediately see what a caring place it was. The knowledge and compassion that everyone had for the pups and parents was second to none. As I have seen a few remarks online that were negative, I soon saw for myself how misguided they were. We have rescued from careless situations and this is not one of those places. These animals are well cared for and given A+ medical attention. The facility is clean and the puppies are played with and trained. We were convinced.

As the months went on, we were excited to hear if a litter of American Cocker Spaniels would soon be available. When we received the news in the spring of 2023 that Stormie and Everly were expecting, we felt like a kids again. We took the advice given and signed up for classes and started preparing long before the pups arrived.

On July 22, 2023, I received a message. The puppies were here! Katharine and her team started updating us on the little dollies. We were kept in the loop all along the way for 8 weeks. We were amazed at the testing etc that was done on all the puppies. It certainly helped narrow things down. Finally, at 7 weeks we were able to pick out our newest family member. Little Annie stole our hearts. We left that day knowing that in just over a week, we would return and start a whole new chapter.

It has been over 4 months now and we are so in love. Annie is such a smart, loving and caring puppy. Life is just better with a dog! We hope to continue her training and visit nursing homes and schools. She adjusted to our family very quickly and was housetrained in a relatively short time. We have 3 grandchildren and one on the way. Annie loves children and is very kind to them. We have a cat that is very curious about his new sister. Annie love Moose, but perhaps needs to tone down her enthusiasm. Every week, Moose tolerates her more. Annie loves the snow and enjoys cuddling with both of us. She loves car rides and usually is asleep before we are out of town.

Thank you again Katharine. We would not hesitate to recommend your business to anyone. We love our Annie!

Dale and Dianne Fischer, Mitchell, Ontario