Archie was born in February 2018 and we welcomed him into our home in April 2018. The breeder had already named him Archie. The name suited him so well, we decided to keep it. He has been so much fun! He is very vocal – loves to talk – and loves his walks. He loves to cuddle and sleeps either between my husband and I or on my feet. Archie has so much personality that he makes us laugh at least once a day. He goes to the groomer every 10 weeks and enjoys playing with the other dogs. It’s like a play day for him – he’s extremely tired when he gets home.
When we went to the breeder’s to pick Archie up, we were amazed with how clean the place was. Katharine and Darryl are very organized.
If we ever wanted another pup, we would definitely contact Katharine and Darryl.
But right now, we are happy with Archie!