Cady makes us very happy as she is so affectionate, clever and confident. She soaked up all the lessons from the first two levels of training at the local dog school. Our family looks forward to visits with her dog friends that include her brother Karmen and sister Matilda, of the same litter.  Cady loves having her teeth brushed but runs when I try to clean her ears.  
Her favourite games include:
  • *Climb the couch and woodpile
  • *Army crawl under the bed up to the head board
  • *Hide and seek 
  • *Bounce the ball down the stairs 
  • *Catch the frisbees in the air
  • *Jump in the empty bathtub 
  • *Biting her own ear
  • *Playing “goat” in goat yoga  
  • *Eat the dryer sheet

 Candyville Pups gave her a nurtured foundation and provided us with a warm, engaging experience right from the night the pups were born.  Thank You!

Angela Laarakkers