Candyville Pups did not disappoint with our little Stewart. We have had cockers in the past and loved them dearly but Stewy’s temperament is amazing. We brought him home and mentally prepared ourselves that we have a puppy and not 2 well trained older dogs, but my husband and I were like is this it? Kind of questioning when is he going to start being a little terror and I must say it never happened. We also expected to lack sleep being puppy owners but he slept through the night only getting up when we had to ourselves so we would let him out.

Stewy is like any puppy with normal puppy energy when he first wakes up but it doesn’t seem to last long then he just wants to cuddle. I love love that he lets me hold him like a baby, it’s my favourite time with him doing that and relaxing with him.

He loves his walks and is great with other dogs and kids just wants to play and have fun.

We loved him from the moment we met him and that love hasn’t wavered, I could only imagine what his brothers and sisters were like because Stewart is by far the best puppy we have ever raised and my whole family has raised cockers for years and shocked how well behaved and well mannered this little boy is.

Son of Dusty and Dixie