We couldn’t be more happy with our precious pup, Carmen. Thank you Katherine and Candyville pups for recommending this sweet boy. He’s perfect for our family and we’ve completely fallen in love with him. 

Apart from being such a handsome dog, Carmen has an amazing temperament. Everyone comments on how calm and well-mannered he is for a pup. He’s gentle with children and our 5-year old, who was a bit scared of dogs, has become so confident around dogs.

He loves snow, finding and carrying sticks on his walks (the bigger the better), and jumping in my vegetable garden to get a better sniff at the neighbors dogs (sigh).He also loves tug and playing fetch (although he’s not so good at give yet). He’s a true delight and gives us so much comfort during what has been a tough 1.5 years.
Thanks to training and advice Katherine and Candyville pups offered, we never had any issues with crate training. In fact,  training Carmen has gone very smoothly.  He loves long walks and walks well on leash. But more than walks he loves hugs, kisses and cuddles. 
Once Carmen is a bit older, we will be looking to add another Candyville pups to our family.