My name is Mike Audet, and we adopted Ella (at the time her name was Sage) in March 2018.

I have been a dog lover since I was a kid, my father owning huskies for many years. Prior to Ella we had a Yellow lab (Maddie) for 12.5 years.

When we decided to look again, I wanted nothing but a lab, and this one would have to be Chocolate. I looked for a few months and found Katherine’s website. We exchanged emails and spoke on the phone about her dogs. When I saw BJ and Bella, I knew I had found the right breeder. We sent our deposit and made arrangements to pick up Ella after our trip to Mexico in March.

When we arrived, I fell in love with her puppies and the way she kept them. My decision rested on seeing the parents and when I saw Bella and BJ, I knew I had found my next dog. We completed the paperwork and payment and went home with our new puppy.

Ella has been a great dog. Gentle, soft, loving and devoted to me and our family. She loves being outside and running in our backyard. She is now out of her crate and is spoiled having beds in 3 different rooms. She continues to amaze me and its part of her genes. Her parents seemed well trained and devoted to Katherine and her husband, and Ella is like her parents. Ella will grow old with me, and live a long happy life with the Audet family.