I am very happy to write a testimonial after the adoption of our sweet Boomer. My partner and I bought our first home almost two years ago, and kids haven’t happened yet.. we don’t know if it’s in the cards for us so we looked into getting a “fur baby” for now.

We started looking online at breeds and knew we would get a golden retriever of some kind but agreed we wanted a mix. I came across Katherine’s add on Kijiji and were instantly smitten with the litter of pups she had available. I asked about one of the males in the bunch, a gorgeous Retriever/Sheppard/Collie mix but unfortunately he was reserved by another family shortly thereafter. Katherine mentioned she had another pup who looked identical with a sweet loving temperament. You see, Kijiji only allows for a certain amount of pictures in one post, and since he looked exactly like his brother… so she shared a picture with us and we were hooked. We made what we were was a common mistake of thinking they were located in Aylmer Quebec, which is only about 40 minutes from where we’re located, in Rockland Ontario (approx 25 minutes east of Ottawa). Katherine pointed this out to me and we realized our drive to meet her and the pups would be 6.5 hours instead. We had to mull this over but essentially decided that our Boomer was worth the trip. It was a mixture of Katherines kind and helpful manner when I asked all my questions, her willingness to continuously send us pictures when we requested them, and the sweet sweet face we fell in love with in said pictures.

We drove up to London Ontario Thursday night two weeks ago and stayed the night so we would be well rested for our drive back with Boomer the next day, stopping as much as we needed to along the way. We made our way to Katherine’s home Friday morning and when we arrived we were greeted by her boy and lead to where Katherine was tending to the pups. It’s a great set up they have and you can instantly tell how happy the pups are as well as her loving family. We didn’t know what to expect as this was a first experience for my partner and I, but I had a strong trust in Katherine from our first conversation which put my mind at ease.

We walked into the kennel and I spotted a puppy in the first crate when you walk in. I told myself, wow I think that’s him. She walked us through the kennel explaining how it all works and had us meet the parents, they are lovely. She was very informative and at one point she said “i believe the one you really want to meet is your little guy” i quickly said “yesss!!!” She walked us back to the front of the kennel and sure enough, opened the crate and our little guy ran right to me and laid on his back for his first of our belly rubs. Then, ran right to Ben, my boyfriend and did the same. We fell in love instantly.

Katherine gave us a kit of information and samples for treats and such to take home with us. Boomer had a good potty training and crate training foundation which made the transition a breeze. We surely got lucky with how easy the first night was because he only woke us up to go outside. He quickly did his business and when he was back in his crate there was just a tiny bit of crying no more than a minute before he went back to sleep. It’s been like this ever since.

Thank you Katherine for always being available to answer all our questions and give us so much information that has helped us in our first almost two weeks with Boomer and going forward. I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking to adopt an incredibly sweet puppy.

Son of Gyp & Sasha