My puppys name is Jax. Jax has grown up to be a well tempered and sweet dog. Even as a puppy he was incredibly well behaved, enough so that my elderly grandmother was able to watch him for a few hours when I was out. The older he got we started seeing a more empathetic side of him. Jax would not hesitate to comfort us if he saw we were upset. Jax also has a very playful side. We go to the dog park almost everyday. He gets along with almost every dog. As a puppy he would greet every dog that would walk in. He loves to wrestle. He also loves to play tug with other dogs. Although, despite his breed, he doesnt retrieve the ball very well but thats okay. ? But like every Golden, Jax loves the water (except baths). I try to take him swimming a few times during the summer. 

In terms of his health, Jax is doing very well, and gets his shots and a check up regularly. 

I have attached a few pictures of him from the past five years.
Over the past five years we have had so many adventures. I’m so grateful for the time we have had together and hoping for many more years to come.
~Christopher Chavez