I would like to thank Katharine at Candyville Pups for giving us our beautiful pup Marley. We have never owned an English Cream Retriever and Katharine was most patient answering all my questions about the breed and the DNA health of his parents. Marley has been such a loving dog. He is calm, sweet natured, affectionate, and always wants to meet new dogs and people on his walks. For 30 years I have always owned German Shepherds, and after loosing our last Shepherd to a genetic disease, I was ready for a change. Katharine gave us a pup that had a calm, sweet demeanor, and I must admit he has been the easiest puppy I have ever owned. Marley loves playing with his best friend Oliver the Pug and will let him be the alpha when they wrestle around the house. He always has to carry around a toy in his mouth, especially when he has big feelings. I can’t thank Candyville enough for giving us our sweet Marley. He has brought so much joy to our home and people fall in love with him when they come for visits.

Leasa Purdy (Stittsville, Ontario)