After an absolutely terrible experience with a backyard breeder we found Candyville Pups. I was super impressed with the facility and more impressed that the litters are treated as family members until they are adopted. Katharine was amazingly easy to deal with and very accomodating with our time. Murphy is now just over 2 years and is the most loveable dog one could ask for. He snuggles all the time. He can’t get close enough to you if you sit to watch tv. If you are not sitting on on the couch or chair he can share he will lie with his head on your foot so he is touching you. When he is left alone in the house he is such a good boy and goes and lies on my daughters bed so he can smell her. Murphy loves the water and being outside. He is gentle and well behaved. Murphy is super intelligent and is easy to train. I would definitely deal with this kennel should I be in search of another Red Golden Retriever.