My husband and I welcomed Cinder (Puppy name Violet) into our home on April 7th 2019. I have been meaning to write a testimonial earlier but I forgot. What reminded me was the fact that Cinder turned 1 on January 22nd 2020! We are so happy with our puppy.

She is very smart and loves everyone! She loves to play and run around with her other lab friends Diesel and Scout. She has a lot of friends and knows how to play with them. Her one friend Kona is a rescue dog from South Korea and she is very gentle with her. Cinder is a mix of Chocolate Lab and Golden Retriever.

She got the best behaviour of both of those mixes. She knows how to sit/stay/leave it (when something drops on the floor)/ paw/ hug/ lay down. She is fully house trained and will whine at the door if she needs to go out or if she knows its dinner time.

The only thing Cinder does not like is bath time, mainly the rinsing off part. However she LOVES water!

She gets very vocal (growling/grunting) when she gets a new toy or when she wants to play and she loves when all the attention is on her. She is still learning how to be fully off leash when we take her to a park or to our Cottage in Muskoka. For the most part her recall is good but we are still training her with it.

Thank you so much Katharine for this beautiful dog! We love her so much and we are so happy to have her as part of our family! Gyp & Bella Jan 22,2019