Oakley has stolen our hearts from the beginning. With her soft, loving, and fun personality it is impossible not to fall in love with her.

Training has been easy from the beginning since she had a great start from Candyville Pups. Our family has been maintaining her training since she has been home with us but in all honesty she is so smart that she picked up most of her training from our older lab, Marley. She plays well with our kids and other dogs, she never needs to be reminded to be gentle.

She loves being outdoors, whether we are at home or at camp, she loves to explore. She loves hunting for sticks and is  constantly trying to convince us to let her bring her new finds from outside into the house. Despite her cuteness the sticks still stay outside.

When she is not exploring outside or playing with her toys,  she loves to snuggle ( I think she may actually like it more than we do). We are so lucky to have found Candyville Pups and are blessed with an amazing pup! 


~The St Martin Family
Oakley was born June 7, 2021 (she is 8 months today) to Abby and Rainger