Our new baby is settling in amazingly. She’s already coming along with training, so far she’s learned sit, stay, come and down and she’s learning more every single day. She’s learning how to walk on a leash and although she can ignore a squirrel, she can’t resist running after a leaf blowing down the street!

I changed her name from Olive to Nellie, and she started responding to her new name almost right away.

She is very well behaved, all we have to make sure to do is keep her busy. She is a very smart girl so she needs constant stimulation (unless she’s having a well-deserved nap).

We are going to be getting her very first “service dog in training” vest. Nellie will be trained to respond to certain triggers for panic attacks, as well as be a medical alert dog for me. She will be able to help me so much, I am sure she will change my life for the better. We all know she’s going to be great at her job.

Nellie is happy and healthy, and she’s loving her new life. She has a new brother named Jake. He’s a big 90lb American golden retriever and he loves having a baby around. They tire each other out by playing, and they’ll end it all with a big cuddle.

We love her so much, and even though it’s only been a few weeks; we can’t imagine our lives without her.

Daughter of Gyp & Sasha