Pippin is such a darling, funny little thing. He weighs (on Wednesday Sept 29/21) 14.8kg. He’s losing lots of teeth at the moment… except for his canines. The adult teeth are growing next to his baby teeth.

He’s very affectionate and he’s very intelligent. He does problem solving very well and he learns tricks quickly. He loves playing with his toys with us, he teases by pretending not to notice we’re going to pick up a toy… then he pounces … and he enjoys ‘stalking’ us. In the last photo, you see him plotting his next move.

He’s extremely friendly, loves going for walks and meeting people and dogs. He does get over-excited when there’s other people around – he seems to short circuit and cannot focus on anything, he just jumps up and kisses and doesn’t seem to understand any commands.
He’s very charming and a complete Lovie.