I was lucky to bring home Sailor, my little cocker spaniel pup in May of this year. She has been such an amazing companion throughout this crazy pandemic year. I am grateful for the initial work and training from Katherine and her family. Sailor was happily crate trained and understood the basics of potty training when she arrived, although still needed to learn in her new home. Sailor is a bold and extremely friendly pup, who needs to say hello to every dog and human she comes in contact with. I’ve taken her on all my camping trips and hiking trails throughout the summer and she has proven herself to be quite the climber! She is just as happy to sit by my feet while I work at my desk as she is outside finding new trails and swimming in the lake. Her overall temperament is sweet, fearless and loyal. I could not have found a more perfect pup. ❤️

(Daughter of Dusty & Dixie, March 14, 2020)

  Bailey at 2.5 weeks