So my husband and I heard about Candyville pups through my co worker who had recently adopted a golden retriever from them. We quickly got in contact with Katherine as we have always wanted a golden retriever. After she sent us some pictures of the pups, I immediately knew which one would be ours. Those beautiful eyes and broad chest had my heart!
Tucker came to us on July 1st at the airport, he was super excited to meet his big brother Bentley (our beagle) but Bentley wasn’t so happy to have a little pup to come home with us. Eventually Bentley came to love Tucker and his jolliness! They play in their fenced in yard all the time and Tucker absolutely LOVES his brother. Tucker has been a really good pup from the beginning. He rarely chews things up, he has been left out to roam the house since he was 3 months old while we’re at work, and loves to eat! I think he learned a lot of good habits from his big brother. Tucker is now 68 lbs and is so full of happiness, he literally lights up our world ♥️
Tucker is a pup from Trixie and Gyp

Windsor, Newfoundland