We welcomed Kali into our family in April 2019 from Gyp & Bellas’ litter Jan 22,2019.

Like a few others, we also thought this new litter was located in Aylmer, QC (15mins away) however to our surprise it turned out to be Aylmer, ON (6.5hrs). We almost changed our minds on the puppy we had set our eyes on, who’s cuteness had warmed our hearts, but at the last minute we decided that she was worth it, so we jumped in the car and hit the road which has proven to be the best decision.

Kali is an amazing pup. She’s now 1 years old and she’s been a dream. She doesn’t bark, growl, grunt or bite. She’s so quiet and very easy going. We could sleep-in until 10am if we wanted (not likely but just an example 😉 and she wouldn’t make a peep to disturb us from our slumber and just waits for sign of life before making her move. Kali gets along with everyone and is amazing with kids, adults and especially other dogs.

Kali is highly energetic so she needs at least 45min walk daily and is always ready to play, even… after play. She can catch and return a frisbee and also responds well to commands. As she is still a pup this is still work to be done and consistency is still work in progress.

We had a truly wonderful experience with Katherine who was always ready and available to answer questions and send pics. I would do it all over again with another puppy as she made it all so comfortable.

I highly recommend the preferred food TLC that is suggested as Kali has a beautiful shiny coat and is a perfect size. We have not had any issues with food or any stomach sensitivities with this food so far.

I feel that your experience with a Candyville pup, you will not be disappointed.