Well, I’m happy to write a second testimonial. We picked up our second Golden Retriever on June 22nd 2019. Our first, also from Katherine and Daryl, Nugge, is 1 year, 2 months now.
Our second, Maze, is 8 weeks old.
We started this adoption off with a lot of fun. We told our daughters Violet and Jett we were going on a road trip. Wouldn’t tell them where or what. So, we drove to Aylmer, kids bugging us all the way to tell them, lol. We didn’t.
So, we got there and Violet, my nine year old said “Wait, I remember this place!  Are we getting another dog?” We didn’t answer. Katherine met us all in the driveway and we walked into the nursery where all the puppies live.
We were greeted by Katherine’s daughter who was waiting with Maze on her lap. Violet immediately started to cry as she held Maze. It was an awesome sight. Totally worth it keeping it to ourselves. Btw, Katherine was in on the surprise for the kids.
While we were there we got to see Maze’s mom and her litter mates. What I noticed was the extremely clean living quarters the puppies were in. Lots of food and fresh water. Very neat and organized. What you want to see when you pick up your new puppy. Outside there’s plenty of land for the dogs to play and roam.
So, again, it was a wonderful experience. Maze is so playful and cuddly. She paws us for attention and we get nose jabs when she wants love. She’s beautiful and a perfect fit for our family and Nugget. He now has a playmate. BTW, she loves her stuffies  already! Such an incredible breed. Thank you Katharine for making our family complete!

Kelly, Melanie, Violet, Jett, and Nugget