Years ago I had a Golden Retriever. Since then they’ve been my favourite breed. I now have 4 yr old and nine yr old daughters and I thought a Golden would be good for them. I went online and googled “Golden Retriever Breeders”. I came across a few but one breeder was only 1 1/2 hours away in Aylmer Ontario- Daryl and Katharine Good.
I contacted them and told them I was looking for a male Golden Retriever. It must have been meant to be because she told me they just had a litter on April 20th 2018.
I had texted Katherine a few times with questions regarding the puppies and pickup etc. I knew they truly cared about where and who their puppies went to. It wasn’t about money, it was all about the puppies and if they were going to a good home.
She then sent me pictures of each one. I picked out the darkest red male and set up a date and time to go get him.
So, we packed up the kids and set out on our adventure/road trip.
When we got to this amazing home that had lots of land for the dogs to roam, we saw all these beautiful puppies in a gated off area. I knew instantly which one was ours.

They named him “Tucker”.
This is what they had done in preparation for us…deworming 4 times, Vet check, first shots, a written Health Guarantee and a Sales Contract. They also had a sample of puppy food to start us off, a collar and a cute little blanket with his mama’s scent on it to soothe him.
We had also prepared by getting a crate, toys and food for his arrival.
We drove home all excited and happy. He was beautiful!
We renamed him “Nugget”.
Well, we started with potty training right away and took him out every hour. He only had two accidents because we were late in getting him out. He was potty trained within two weeks. It was super easy and he’s a very smart dog as most Retrievers are.
He is extremely loving and playful. We get kisses and cuddles from him constantly. He’s never jumped on our kids, he doesn’t bite them or ever pull on their clothes.
He puts his paw on my leg when he wants a pet. If I’ve ever been upset, he’s come up and nudged me with his head or put his paw on me. Very in-tune with human emotion.
He was easy to crate train but I do admit that he does sleep with us now.
He loves the water, sticks and more than anything else…his stuffies. When we come in from being away he wags his tail and greets us with a stuffie in his mouth.
We take him to doggy daycare a couple times a week to socialize him. They tell us he’s the best dog there. He is VIP. Very well behaved and very playful.
We are currently training him and he’s extremely smart and quick to learn. Next in training is tricks. Fun for him and us!
He’s a perfect Golden Retriever personality wise and physically.

We are currently getting another Golden and wouldn’t go anywhere else other than Daryl and Katharine Good.
It’s going to be a total surprise for the girls. This time it’s a girl…Maze.

Exact same procedure but now many things have changed.
Here’s the changes in adopting a Golden from them…
Our new baby, Maze will also be potty trained and crate trained.
They also started doing Early Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, Sound Desensitization, and Socialization.
They were researching to see what more they could do to give their pups the best start possible, and came across this information.
Dogs intended for therapy, search/rescue, police dogs, army dogs… are all put through this puppy protocol to kick start their senses.
This is a description of the benefits:
The Biosensor Program involves five exercises that will produce neurological stimulations, none of which naturally occur during the early life of the puppy. The benefits that have been observed by providing this stimulation is:• improved heart rate,
• stronger heart beats,
• stronger adrenal glands,
• more tolerance to stress
• a greater resistance to
In learning tests the stimulated pups were found to be more active and were more exploratory than the pups not stimulated.
Secondary effects that were also determined were that the pups handled stressful situations with less whining, were much more calm, and made fewer errors.

That’s how much they care about their dogs and the homes they go to. You don’t just get to go and grab one. You have to be the right person. It’s all about what’s best for the puppies.

Sincerely and incredibly happy,
Kelly Roundell