Dear Maw-ther 🐾 I wanted to kick off the weekend by wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day!! I hope you are enjoying your golden years in retirement with your new family. I also wanted to give a bark-out to the human Maw-thers of my brothers & sisters and hope you also have a great weekend 💐 🐾 I know I am just one of many of your offspring over the years, but you never treated us differently. You were the same doting mom to all of us giving up 10 weeks of your freedom to nurse us on demand, gently lick our messy bottoms, cuddle and keep us warm, protect and teach us the golden ways. It must have been hard watching us leave one-by-one, but you put on a brave face and with a nudge of your nose you let us know everything would be OK, to go and make you proud by being the very best golden retrievers we could be for our new families. We made you proud Maw!! We found awesome families! You should see how spoiled I am with my various matching leashes/collars, living room full off my toys & treats-a-plenty.

I even have my own wading pool for the summer heat. My human family loves me to bits. I can be a real stinker at times but they find it hard to be mad/scold me. I just give them a look with my pleading, dark chocolate eyes – you know the one Maw, I get my eyes from you! Anyways, I’m spoiled for sure. There’s even been some serious talk in the household about getting a Candyvillepup sis for me, but for now all the attentions on ME! I get to sleep on my human’s bed, go camping with lots of opportunities for swimming (still in lessons – don’t like deep end), trail walks, have lots of visits with other canine pals, and my human mom has even *promised* me a visit with some of my nearby litter siblings (and apologizes that hasn’t been arranged yet). You raised & taught us “the Golden Way” so well. My human pawrents get compliments ALL the time about my gorgeous looks, gentle temperament & disposition. I hear the humans saying “what a sweetheart” all the time.

Anyways, gotta go chase some squirrels 🐿️, roll on some fresh cut lawns, gather some sticks … you know, the usual. Life is GREAT!!

Love always
Kindle xoxo 🐶❤️🐾


Daughter of Pearl and Rainger (Nov 15/21)