Although it’s only been 3 months since we brought “Miss Maple” home, it’s hard to imagine our lives without her.

Maple is adjusting to her retirement life just wonderfully. She kicked off her retirement by relaxing in her crate while she observed her surroundings and took it all in. Then she slowly graduated to stealing shoes in the middle of the night until she had about 5 pair in her possession, a girl after my own heart, a lover of shoes. Maple loves to be loved. She welcomes all kinds of affection and kisses without hesitation and has just started giving kisses back. She is still a very timid girl especially with people, but boy she has come a long way in a short period of time. Her favourite pass times are long walks on the trail, playing fetch, chewing bully sticks and snuggles. She has just started jumping on our bed to make sure she gets her goodnight snuggles in before a fabulous night’s sleep underneath our bedside tables. She is a very patient girl to our 2 year old Goldador, Porter, who just wants attention and to rough house.. Maple wants no part of that sort of play and gives Porter that motherly stern look and he backs down. Don’t get me wrong, they do love each other, she covers him with licks just like a mama would do to her puppy. They compliment each other very well and enjoy each other’s company. Maple gives us so much joy, she has such a gentle and beautiful soul. She is always so excited to see us and makes sure we know it by greeting us at the door with one shoe in her mouth and fiercely wagging her tail like there’s no tomorrow. We are so excited to go on many adventures with her this summer and to give her the best life ever!!

Thank you Candyville Pups for choosing us to be Maple’s forever family.

The Waltons